Modular battery management system platform is KULR’s next generation battery safety technology for e-mobility, energy storage and fleet applications.
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The CellCheck modular battery management system platform is KULR’s next generation battery safety technology for e-mobility, energy storage and fleet applications. It captures real time and lifetime battery intelligence, sensing adverse electrical, environmental, and physical events to analyze and control for maximum battery safety, reliability, and performance.
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CellCheck Intelligence delivers “Battery Safety AI.” Its built-on Data Driven Edge Analytics to deliver immediate assessments to the user regarding hazards and risks, degradation of reliability and safety resulting from daily real-world use or abuse of volatile energy dense batteries.

CellCheck Sensors capture and track a battery’s full life history, adverse incidents including electrical, physical, and environmental events that may negatively impact a battery, causing risk to the user, to the community or to a company.

On contact, CellCheck Users are presented with instant internal battery health answers via their cell phone display, showing warnings and alerts, or good-to-go clearance, fueled by secure data access, Edge AI, and distributed intelligence.

Future-Proof Scalability

Securely Controlled

CellCheck AI is securely controlled and distributed according to application needs – to handheld devices, into remote or local batteries, accessible behind enterprise firewalls, or externally through the cloud. It can be applied to various battery types and battery management system (“BMS”) interfaces, bringing future-proof scalability and extensibility with TrustZone® security, data encryption, blockchain data integrity, and other capabilities within the CellCheck device network.

The end-to-end CellCheck Network will operate in a wired environment, wirelessly, or using a tightly or loosely coupled chain of mixed communication infrastructures. It will fully operate even if limited to physical device-to-device contact, such as physical data transfer via USB memory devices. It is built on a messaging protocol that allows for short-term or long-term deferred communication, for environments where constant or immediate network access is not available, or perhaps not desired.

CellCheck Batteries begin life as the world’s smartest battery, and only get smarter, perpetually learning, as local enterprise data or global field data is accumulated, collated, further analyzed, as intelligence is synthesized and distributed uniquely to users and devices in the form of CellCheck Edge AI. In this way, each CellCheck battery becomes self-aware, uniquely safety optimized, and performance optimized based on its current workload and capacity, its environmental conditions, its usage history, and stage of its lifecycle.

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