Product Datasheets

High Performance Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

KULR’s proprietary carbon Fiber Thermal Interface material (“FTI”) offers a unique combination of features and benefits for a wide range of high performance applications.

Thermal Runaway Shield (TRS)

KULR has developed a lightweight, passive vaporizing heatsink battery pack that prevents thermal runaway propagation. When thermal runaway occurs, KULR’s TRS controls and dissipates heat, protecting adjacent cells from excessive temperatures that can cause propagation.

Phase Change Material (PCM) Heatsinks

KULR’s proprietary carbon fiber based PCM Heatsinks utilizes the latent heat of a working fluid’s phase transition(s) to absorb or provide heat. Sometimes regarded as a “Thermal Capacitor”

Internal Short Circuit (ISC) Trigger Cell

KULR has exclusively licensed ISC device technology (from NREL) and applied it to Li-ion cell customization and fabrication. KULR can offer ISC cells for all commercial categories: 18650, 21700 & pouch cells. With KULR ISC cells, an internal short circuit can be intentionally triggered on demand. The failure modes and safety issues after ISC occurrence can be identified and studied with the aid of ISC cells. ISC cells are a valuable engineering tool for research institutes, battery manufacturers, and OEMs looking to improve the performance and safety of Li-Ion batteries.


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