HYDRA - TRS Used in battery packs, the HYDRA shields cells from increasing in temperature and entering into thermal runaway.

HYDRA - Thermal Runaway Shield

KULR’s HYDRA thermal runaway shield helps solve our aerospace, defense, and electric vehicle customers thermal runaway issues. The HYRDA is a vaporizing thermal capacitor that provides passive prevention of thermal runaway propagation (TRP) in lithium-ion battery packs. Thermal runaway can occur spontaneously in a Li-ion cell due to a short. This can trigger an explosive release of electric energy that ruptures the end cap resulting in a flare and combustion of cell materials. Released heat drives the triggered cell temperatures to > 500°C, causing a dramatic increase in neighboring cell temperatures. Temperatures above the critical 130°C greatly increases the chance for a short in adjacent cells and result in TRP. HYDRA keeps neighboring cell temperatures from rising above 100°C (well below the 130°C threshold) when a triggered cell undergoes thermal runaway thereby preventing TRP.

There is of course a need for an effective passive solution suitable for a variety of batteries ranging in size from 10 to 4000 cells. This is where KULR’s US-designed and produced TRS comes into play: when thermal runaway occurs in a cell, KULR's TRS controls and dissipates heat, keeping the adjacent cell's temperatures below 100°C, and thereby protecting them from excessive temperatures that can cause propagation. The system is lightweight, cost effective, and also contains a flame arrestor to block the fire from reaching surrounding cells. KULR Technology's engineers will work with you to configure the HYDRA to fit your application needs. The HYDRA is aligned with KULR's mission to help to make Li-ion batteries safer.