Overheating is one of the most critical issues in the computer industry.

Make electronics ​cooler, lighter and safer with
carbon fiber-based thermal management technology.


Enabling next generation​ applications with carbon fiber-based thermal management solutions.

Technology & Products

Thomas Edison discovered electricity with carbon-fiber filament. Carbon fiber will revolutionize the thermal management industry in the same way.

What is KULR?

Passion for energy efficiency. Environmentally sustainable solutions. ​Eliminate aluminum & copper.

Superior Thermal
Management Solution

KULR Technology Corporation owns proprietary carbon fiber based thermal management solutions that are generally more effective at storing, conducting, and dissipating waste heat generated by an electronic system’s internal components (i.e. semiconductor, integrated circuits “chips”) when compared to traditional materials such as gels, pads, copper and aluminum. When not properly managed, heat can impair and degrade the performance, reliability and functionality of electronics. KULR’s technologies can be applied inside a wide array of electronic system applications such as mobile devices, cloud computing, virtual reality platforms, satellites, internet of things, drones, and connected cars.

KULR’s technology has its beginnings in the high performance aerospace industry having won over 500 contracts with NASA, Raytheon, Boeing, and JPL, including providing carbon fiber based thermal management solutions used in the International Space Station, Mars Rover, and Mercury Messenger. The world of consumer based electronics continues to become more and more demanding and performance driven. Newer applications such as virtual reality and drones can require great amounts of processing power and have strict size, weight, and design requirements. Widespread handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to stretch the boundaries of performance and miniaturization. KULR excels in virtually every category important in the world of thermal management. In addition to superior thermal conductivity, KULR’s technologies are also lighter weight, require less contact pressure, and offer greater design flexibility and durability compared to traditional based solutions.